How to buy

STEP 1 - What type of shoes do you want to buy?

Please note, in addition to our natural leather movements shoes, we now offer reconstituted leather shoes at a slightly lower price.

STEP 2 - Email us ( with details of your order

We need to know:-
1. Do you want to buy natural leather, or reconstituted leather, or some mixture of both?
2. How many pairs (of each type) do you want to buy?
3. In what colour(s) (black or white)?
4. What size? Note please tell us your UK shoe size if possible (no half sizes).
5. Your postal address so we can add the postage cost to your order.
6. Any special details - e.g. do you need the shoes quickly?

STEP 3 - We will reply to your email as soon as we can to confirm the order details, or to discuss your order further.

STEP 4 - Once the details are confirmed we will send a payment request via PAYPAL. Please note that we strongly prefer ALL payments to be made via PAYPAL.

If you have any further questions, contact: